Photo Adventures and Cash Nearby

There are many ways to enjoy your photography and create income opportunities for yourself without ever straying far from home.

If fact, on photo selling website like iStockphoto and Dreamstime, food pictures are one of the most needed photos.

Imagine, taking a photo of your spaghetti and selling it over and over again for profit!

But if you have the call to get outdoors and do some walking after your big meal (which is very healthy indeed) there are many places close to home where you can find great photo and cash making opportunities.

Historic places, high schools, churches, local or state parks, main street shops, farms, theaters, sporting events, festivals, flea markets, farmers market, dog park, industrial zones, waterways, city scapes, reflections, art museum, science museum, local business meetings or conferences, college campus, train station, airport, your kitchen, your workshop, your sewing room.

Wherever people create life-long special memories is a great place to start.

People get married in churches. Baptize their babies there. They often want photos of the church.

Flea and farmer’s markets can offer some great fruit and veggie photos (think food). Please be sure to ask the vendor if it would be alright if you take a few photos of his lovely goods. It’s polite. You can offer to send him or her some copies for them to use as a gesture of goodwill.

If you have the itch for some serious travel, here are America’s 15 Best National Parks for photo taking, in no particular order:

1. Yosemite National Park in California

2. Arches National Park in Utah

3. Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

4. Acadia National Park in Maine

5. Big Bend National Park in Texas

6. Mount Rainier in Washington

7. Zion National Park in Utah

8. Death Valley in California and Nevada

9. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

10. Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

11. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho

12. Great Smokey Mountain National Park in N. Carolina and Tennessee

13. Blue Ridge National Park in Virginia and N. Carolina

14. Everglades National Park in Florida

15. Badlands National Park in S. Dakota

Near or far, there are hundreds of salable photo ideas around you all the time.

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