How to Turn your Digital Camera into a Fat-Burning, Mind-Building, Health-Fortifying Fitness Machine!

…and never break a sweat!

This is the only website dedicated to preserving and protecting the health and wellness of its members through the mystical powers of digital photography.  A unique new approach to total mind and body fitness…and increased personal power.

Listed below are more than 101 exclusive resources we’ll be adding to our library. The majority are instant access ebooks and articles written by photographers, for photographers with corroborative evidence by professionals in the appropriate fields of medicine and science wherever possible.

Bottom line is…proper camera use can improve your health. This stuff works!

If you love photography, or always wanted to try it, you will benefit greatly from the extensive research we’re compiling here. In fact, it just might save your life!

It will certainly improve the quality of the photos that you take and open your eyes to a whole new world of possibility.

While we get this material organized for you, please take the PHOTO HEALTH quiz above to find out just how your picture taking activities are affecting your health right now.

1.    Powerful Depression Conquering Camera Skills

2.    Lose Weight and Feel Great: Camera Moves for Triple Calorie Burn

3.    Increased Energy and Stamina Doing This One Thing Right

4.    Lonely People Finding Great New Friends

5.    Bored No More! Exciting Adventures Close to Home

6.    Low-Stress Senior Workouts With Camera in Hand

7.    Divorced People Love Doing This To Meet New Mates

8.    Broke People Paying the Rent with Their Cameras

9.    Strictly For Artists Who Can’t Draw

9a. Seniors Fear Freedom Loss More Than Death

Coming Soon…

10.    Cash for the Unemployed Using Simple Camera Skills

11.    Camera Powers Enabling the Disabled

12.    Troubled Teens Turn Good with Cameras

13.    Essential Camera Skills for Widows and Widowers

14.    Camera Skills to Beat or Prevent Job Burn Out

15.    Camera Skills to Increase Profit for Executives and Business Owners

16.    Critical Camera Skill Just for Surgeons

17.    Camera Skills Restoring Child-like Wonder in Pediatricians

18.    Get Off the Treadmill: Camera Skills Just for Gym Junkies

19.    Relaxation:  Camera Skills for Stressed Out People

20.    Scrapbookers: Better Presentations for Scrap Book Makers

21.    Travel Alone: Camera Skills for Single Travelers and Adventurers

22.    Camera Skills for Parents

23.    Camera Skills Especially for Single Parents

24.    Don’t Die Young! Camera Skills Save Retired People

25.    Camera Skills for a Lasting Legacy

26.    Beautiful Homes on a Budget: Camera Skills for Thrifty Home Decorators

27.    Penny-Pinching Collectors Nab World-Class Art for Cheap

28.    Brain Building:  Camera Skills Turn Dummies into Dominators

29.    Artistic Creativity: Camera Skills for Boundless Creativity

30.    Youth Sports: Camera Skills for Soccer Moms (and Dads)

31.    Camera Skills for Insomniacs and Night Owls

32.    Green Thumbs: Double the Fun with Camera Skills for Gardeners

33.    Wild Woodcraft Fun: Camera Skills Specifically for Woodworkers

34.    All God’s Wonder: Camera Skills for Missionaries of God

35.    Feminine Photography: Cameras Skills Just for Women

36.    Masculine Photography: Camera Skills Just for Men

37.    Prostitution and Photography in the Modern World

38.    What Married Women Should Know About Photography

39.    What Married Men Should Know About Photography

40.    What Every Young Man Should Know About Photography

41.    What Every Young Woman Should Know About Photography

42.    What Every Boy Should Know About Photography

43.    Man’s Sexual Life and Photography

44.    How to Improve Your Conversation Skills Through Photography

45.    How to Improve Your Vocabulary Through Photography

46.    What Every Girl Should Know About Photography

47.    What Homosexuals Should Know About Photography

48.    Funny Photography Riddles

49.    Better Skin and Hair Through Photography

50.    Best Photographer Jokes

51.    Common Faults in Photography

52.    Better Public Speaking Through Photography

53.    What Do You Know About Photography

54.    How to Fight Nervous Troubles Through Photography

55.    Your Memory and How to Improve It Through Photography

56.    Absurdities of Photography

57.    Photography for Health

58.    Your Talent and How to Develop It Through Photography

59.    What Women Past Forty Should Know About Photography

60.    What Divorced People Should Know About Photography

61.    What Teens Should Know About Photography

62.    Character Building Through Photography

63.    Photography and The Sexual Impulse

64.    What Expectant Mothers Should Know About Photography

65.    Hints on Self-Improvement Through Photography

66.    Photography Self-Taught

67.    An Atheists Guide to Photography

68.    What Everyone Should Know About Digital Photography

69.    What Novices Should Know About Photoshop

70.    Test Your Photography Knowledge

71.    How Photography Builds Stronger Bones

72.    Arthritis Relief Through Photography

73.    Photography to Complete Your Bucket List

74.    101 Things to Do With Your Camera

75.    The Truth About Making a Living Through Photography

76.    The Real Reason Photography Helps You Live Longer

77.    The Real Reason Photography Fights Pain

78.    Betcha Don’t Know This About Photography

79.    Which is Better Therapy: Photography or Photographs

80.    Why Shy People Need Photography Skills

81.    Why Diabetics Benefit From Photography

82.    Camera Skills for Paraplegics

83.    Camera Skills for Home-Bound Seniors

84.    Camera Skills for Retired Men

85.    Camera Skills for Antique Lovers

86.    Camera Skills for Collectors

87.    Ebay Profits from Vintage Photos

88.    Who Needs Your Photos Anyway: What to Shoot

89.    Camera Tips for Dog Lovers

90.    Camera Tips for Cat Lovers

91.    Ease of Lizard Photography

92.    Craft Projects from Photographs

93.    Boudoir and Pinup Photography

94.    Macro Photography That’s Out of This World

95.    Light It Right: Simple Lighting Tips for Better Photos

96.    Photoshop Backgrounds that Sell

97.    Where to Get the Best Nature Photos for Free

98.    Photography Terms You Should Know

99.    Acne Advice for Photographers

100.    Choosing The Best Camera for You

101.    Heart Healthy Photographers

102.    Where to Find Sexy Models to Photograph

103.   Where to Find Handsome Hunks to Photograph

104.   Finding God in Pixels

105.   Creating Great Photos with Cheap Camera Gear

106.  Finding Your Purpose in Life Through Photography

107.  Photography Got Me a Raise!

108. Photography Got Me Through It