The Photo Health Manifesto

Photo Health Manifesto by ShutterbugShaman.comThe Digital Camera’s Hidden Health Secrets Exposed!

My research has shown, that when done properly, digital photo taking can:

  • Help you lose weight
  • Help fight diabetes without drugs
  • Help ease depression
  • Help relieve chronic pain
  • Help fight alcohol and drug dependence
  • Help you find a new mate
  • Help improve your self esteem
  • Help fight insomnia
  • Help boost metabolism
  • Help retain muscle and bone mass
  • Provide a great low-stress cardio workout
  • Help keep your mind fresh and active
  • Fight isolation and social ills
  • Provide income for better nutrition
  • …and much more!

If you’re seriously interested in improving  your physical and mental health in fun new way, I’ve prepared a special report for you called the Photo Health Manifesto. It provides case studies and detailed information on how you can bring all the photography benefits listed above into your life fast!

The “Manifesto” represents years of research and personal testing. In it you’ll find cutting- edge, scientific information that will help you use the new digital picture taking technologies to enhance your physical fitness, your mental fitness…and maybe enrich your pocketbook too!

I’ll show you how to turn your digital camera into the ultimate, hand-held, personal fitness machine!

You’ll get  5 incredible but true stories, examples of the life changing benefits that can be won with camera in hand:

  • Case Study of the Surgery That Went Horribly Wrong and The Olympia Gift That Saved Her
  • Case Study of the Baltimore Detective who was Paralyzed and Now Fights Chronic Pain with Photography.
  • Case Study of the “Gate Lady” Who Conquered Drugs, Alcohol and Divorce from Behind the Lens
  • Case Study of The Mental Patient Who was Sent Home with a Camera and Never Returned to the Hospital…Until His Subsequent Death 20 Years Later.
  • Case Study of The Middle-Aged, Overweight Man who Lost Ten Pounds and Found a Profitable Career Path Because of His Camera.

Along with all the health information, I’ve also included a section packed with over 40 pages of photo taking tips and tricks you can immediately use to start taking better photos today!

I found only two cameras that were best suited for those who are serious about making photography a health factor in their life. In this report I tell you what they are why they work best.

This exclusive collection of photography health information is not available anywhere else, on the internet or off. Only here.

I wrestled with what to charge for this information. But how can you put a price on better health? Wouldn’t you invest just about anything to feel better? Live longer? Be happier?

“If I price it too high, less advantaged people will be denied access to this vital information. But If I price it too low, wealthy people will discount it’s value.

Would $99 be right for everyone?”

Realizing my distress, a smart friend suggested I should simply leave it up to you.

She said, “Bob, people are good and honest. Let them choose to pay what’s right for them. Whatever they feel is fair. You have to share this information.”

She was right. That is a great idea. You decide what this information is worth to you. Invest in your health at whatever level you can. $5, $10, $25, $50…whatever! You set the amount.

The entire special report, “The Photo Health Mainfesto” fills 82 pages beginning with the Photographer’s Health Test analysis, plus text, survey results, real-life stories of triumph, photo tips and real photo examples.

Simply click the DONATE button below and enter any amount you feel you can afford for this life changing, health improving information. Plus you’ll also get a slew of great photo taking tips from my years of producing professional quality, award-winning photos. Some tips I was even surprised I remembered!

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The best thing of all, is that you’ll finally see just how fun it is to get healthy with photography!

Claim your copy of “The Photo Health Manifesto” now using the DONATE button  Discover and claim all the health advantages of photography you’ve been missing.

I want to personally thank you for helping others and yourself by supporting this life-changing research into the health benefits of digital photography.

Robert Schwarztrauber

“The Shutterbug Shaman”

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