Pay the Rent With Your Camera

Can you really make money with your digital camera? Yes you can.

Photography has changed in many ways since affordable digital cameras came on the market. The ability to see your results immediately, and correct with another shot, makes it possible for more and more people to become good photographers.

In the “old days”, of film, it could be a week from the time you took your photos until you could see the results. By then, you would have left the location of the photo shoot and forgotten exactly what you did to get the photo. The opportunities to correct and reshoot were gone.

You had to be a good photographer. You had only one opportunity to get it right, the first time.

Now, since you can see the quality of your photo before you leave, you have almost unlimited opportunity to get it right. You can learn, correct as you go. You can be sure that you have a good photo before you leave.

When you use your digital camera as a tool to capture the photos people want, and then combine that with the printing and sharing opportunities available on the internet, a whole world of income opportunity opens up.

How can you pay the rent this month, with your digital camera?

Here are several opportunities for you to consider. None of them are hard to do, but as with any income opportunity, you must be willing to do the “work”. I prefer to call it fun!

Portraits: people and pet portraits are always in demand. Especially if you will make house calls. Many folks dread taking the time and effort to transport their children or pets to a studio. With a decent DSLR camera and just a bit of skill, you could easily pay the rent this month doing 4 or 5 sessions. Realtors, salesmen and other professionals are always needing new headshots.

Stock Photo Websites: With so many people creating websites and advertising there is a constant demand for new photos. Stock and Microstock photo sites like let you upload your digital photos for sale. Pictures of the most ordinary things sell there. Like a photo of theater curtains, or a computer mouse, or a keyboard. You upload your photos for free, and if someone buys it, you get a commission. One or two sales won’t make you rich, but once you get a good portfolio up there you can earn money every month from something you did once. That’s called recurring revenue. While you might not earn as much as a rock star would off his song, getting paid royalties like this, doing something fun, is a great way to pay the rent.

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Robert Schwarztrauber

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