Camera Conquers Depression

Marcia's Life Changing Discovery

Imagine going in for surgery to correct your back after being injured in a car accident.

Then imagine waking up with no voice.

That’s exactly what happened to Marcia Rubin. But it gets worse.

See, Marcia was a professional on the Pro-Fishing circuit. Her job was to act as spokesperson for her fishing sponsors, giving seminars and media interviews.

But now, she could not speak.

She lost her voice and her livelihood on the operating table that day.

All the doctors could say was wait. See if the nerve damage would heal. Months went by.

Marcia became deeply depressed. This once bubbly, outgoing, outspoken personality had been silenced. Because she couldn’t communicate, she avoided people now. She was isolated.

But what could she do with her loneliness?

Luckily, just a short time before her surgery, Marcia’s friend gave her a digital camera.

Taking photos became her solo pastime. At least it allowed her to get back to the outdoors she loved so much.

Marcia found a rewarding activity that took her mind off her troubles. She began to see the wonders of this world from a whole new perspective.

Her camera showed her something new and exciting every day. Even though everything had been there all along. But until she held the camera and looked through the narrow focus of the lens, she never really saw it. All the tiny surprises suddenly and mysteriously became huge.

Marcia’s depression and hopelessness began to morph into excitement and wonder. She could spend the mornings out hunting for new photos to take. Mushrooms were one of her favorites.

The afternoons and evenings became time for crafting them into something personal and artistic  through Photoshop photo editing. She loved that she could be creative.

Next thing you know she’s online, sharing her work with others. And then she has a gallery showing in town.

Suddenly, Marcia has found a new calling. A new way to communicate. A new way to earn a living. In her own words she says, “Photography, has saved my life!”

Marcia did eventually get her voice back through vocal fold implant surgery. But it was the therapeutic effects of photography that carried her through her darkest hour and lifted her from depths of despair.

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