Photography Next Fitness Craze

Will digital photography become the next fitness craze?

The signpost are all there.

  • A huge wave of aging baby boomers
  • A powerful desire to stay healthy and active
  • A need for a low-stress, heart healthy program
  • The need for something easy on the joints
  • The need for an all-season program
  • Something that does not require a membership fee
  • Ideally, it must allow for social contact but not require it
  • A desire for immediate gratification must be met
  • Affordable, easy-to-use technology

While many consider photography and art or hobby, new research has shown that it can be used as an effective therapeutic tool to ward of the effects of old age. It has also been shown to help those who are depressed, over-weight, in chronic pain and more.

A powerful combination of simple technologies has combined to offer all sorts of relief to a wide array of physical and mental health problems.

I call these technologies “The Healthy Photographer’s Trilogy”. The “trilogy” is evolved from a combination of digital cameras, digital photo editing, and the internet. Each¬† element provides a vital component that creates a synergy for improving overall health when combined.

The camera adds a powerful physical fitness component that gets you moving, adds energy, and strengthens muscle and bone.

Digital photo editing is essential for mental health and maintaining sharp and motivated brain activity.

The internet adds a vital social component that keeps you on track to your goals, offers an educational resource, and encourages the commitment that helps you succeed.

Best of all, each component of the trilogy in and of itself is fun!

When done properly, digital photography offers a host of fitness opportunities that were never possible before. Young and old can get surprising health benefits no matter what kind of camera they use and regardless of their skill level.

In my new book, “Photo Fitness Phenomenon” I go into great detail and offer a simple program that anyone can follow to claim all the benefits of a photo-fitness program.

A proper photo-fitness program fulfills all the needs of the aging baby-boomer crowd. I should know,  I am one.

In fact, your digital camera might just be the best, hand-held, portable fitness machine ever invented. And you thought it was just for taking pictures!

Take the Photographer’s Health Test now to see if your digital photo taking is helping or hurting your health now.

Robert Schwarztrauber

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